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Snow Tha Product Speaks On Being A Latina In Hip Hop, How She Started Rapping, And More

Posted By on March 25, 2014

While on tour, Snow Tha Product linked up with HotNewHipHop after her Ann Arbor stop. She chopped it up about what it means to be Latina in Hip Hop, what her first tracks sounded like, and what we can expect from the MC this year.

When asked about one of her first few songs, Snow revealed her friends were less than pleased when she let them listen.

“Oh fuck this,” she said with a laugh. “‘Hood Hop’ was the first track that I ever remixed. Hold on, mind you, when I was talking about this interview I didn’t know ya’ll were gonna bring out all the fucking details. ‘Hood Hop’ was the first thing I ever remixed and it was, yeah, my first line was fucking stupid, ‘I’m the whole enchilada,’ some shit. And it made everybody kinda be like, ‘Oh, you should be a rapper.’ I really took that word and just ran, here we are, I’m a rapper now.” 

She later went on to speak on being Latina, and how she considers her sound to be a hybrid of Chicano Rap and Hip Hop.

“Chicano Rap is a genre in its own and its got its own fan base and it’s respected,” she said. “When I grew up I knew it was there and I listened to it and everything because it represented who I am. But at the same time I listen to Hip Hop just as much. And it was almost like I’m not stepping away from that, I’m not trying say that that’s not a good representation of Latinos but at the same time I just grew up listening to this. So it’s like this is the route I’m taking and you can’t criticize me or say I’m less of a Hispanic person for not being into that. I’m not, I’m into Hip Hop and there’s a lot of people like me that are Mexican-American that don’t wanna listen to…cholo shit, they wanna listen to fucking Hip Hop and I’m repping for them. But at the same time I respect everybody that’s doing their thing, Pocos Pero Locos obviously was one of the first people that showed me support and they’re a big representation of that culture. I’m just trying to make a hybrid of both and trying to make everybody understand that I come from a different culture but I’m repping this so let’s mix it up.”


Check out the full interview below: