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Soulja Boy Gets Caught Posting Fake Money To Social Media

Posted By on July 24, 2014

Rapper Soulja Boy recently posted a video of $100 bills to his Instagram and Vine accounts that has his fans questioning whether or not they were fake or real. Some of his followers have even called him out about the post. After feeling the heat from fans Soulja deleted the post from his page.

Soulja’s followers have called the rapper out claiming the picture of the $100 have white paper in between them to make it look like there is more money than there actually is.

““Am I the only one that relizes those are white pieces of paper under the 100 on top!!!!!!! Look close!!!! WTtf,” wrote one fan under the picture. The image in question is pictured above and is believed to have a stack of white paper under each initial bill.” (XXL)

Check out the picture of the Vine post below: