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Stat Quo Wants To Be Commercial King

Posted By on April 19, 2010

     Stat Quo recently appeared in an HP commercial with Dr Dre and now the rapper says he wouldn't mind being in many more. According to Stat, Dr Dre reached out to him to be in the commercial. "He said he was shooting a commercial the day before and like I didn't know it was for HP 'til I got there… They told me to sit in the booth and like literally I didn't even know what was being said," he recalled. "I just knew when that dude walked in he just looked outta place so I just threw my hands up–it was all improve, nobody told me anything… Anytime I can help Dre out with what he got going on I'm cool with that, like I don't care. And I get residuals off of it. Like, really, to keep it real with you maybe I could be like Russell Quo. I could be like the greatest commercial actor of all time. I could be doin' commercials for Burger King and McDonald's, and I'll be so ill wit it that they have to hire me to do both of 'em, that would be dope, right? Forget the movies, I'm trying to do commercials. [Laughs]."

Dr Dre, Stat Quo – HP Lets Do Amazing Commercial