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Swizz Beatz: VP Of Creative Design For Lotus

Posted By on August 16, 2011

     Hit-producer Swizz Beatz was recently made the global creative director for the Reebok shoe company (plus he was given a spot at Aston Martin), now Swizz can add another title to his resume. The Lotus auto company Lotus has officially made Swizz Beatz the new Vice President of Creative Design. Check out what Lotus states as their top three facts, helping to get Swizz the position.

So what makes Swizz Beatz the perfect man to add to the Lotus line-up? Three little facts:

1. Like Group Lotus , he means business: He’s a risk taker with considerable credentials including music producer, rapper, designer AND painter.
2. Like our cars, he’s multi award winning: This year he shared a Grammy Award with Jay-Z.
3. Like Group Lotus he keeps good company: This man regularly works with the likes of Bono, Kanye West, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys.


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