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T-Pain Gives Away His Top Hat Collection

Posted By on March 10, 2010

     Autotune king, and top-hat wearing circus singer, T-Pain says he is now getting rid of his huge top hat collection, giving it to charity. According to T-Pain, the top-hat look was only to promote his 2008 "Thr33 Ringz" album. "I have 332 right now," Pain told television host Carson Daly during an appearance recently. "Yeah, I had to number them and sign them because I'm getting rid of them, I'm giving them to the Grammy committee and they're selling them on eBay and the money goes to foundations and charities. I will not [get more hats.] I'm giving them up, that was just for the Thr33 Ringz album. That was just for a ring leader look, you know I figured, if I'm gonna be fat with dreads, I might as well wear stupid clothes too. That was probably just part of the ensemble of the album."
     T-Pain goes on to talk about his upcoming album and his new cartoon that you can watch below!

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