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T-Pain Speaks On Lil Boosie Collab; Calls Himself “The Greatest”

Posted By on June 5, 2014

While recently speaking with MTV, rapper turn singer T-Pain spoke on his upcoming project, collabs, and more. When it comes to his newest hit, “Up Down (Do This All Day)“, T-Pain revealed how he got recently freed Lil Boosie on one of the many remixes to the song.

“The Boosie feature came about because I just would not stop calling,” T-Pain said. “I just had to keep calling. I had to DJ Khaled him to death. Just kept calling, kept calling, kept calling. ‘I need this. I need this. I need this. You gotta get it for me. You gotta do it for me.’ Cause it was supposed to be two other songs that he was supposed to get on right when he got out of jail. And I totally dismissed those [when] my new management came to me and was like ‘Why don’t you get Boosie on the ‘Up Down (Remix)?’ He’ll do that quicker.’ As soon as I sent him ‘Up Down’ it was like insanely fast. I can’t even believe it. Maybe he was already in the booth when I sent it to him.”


T-Pain went on to discuss his thought process behind the remix, and how he wanted to come with a fresh, new sound.

“The ‘Up Down (Remix),’ I wanted to make something different. There hasn’t been—I think the last song was ‘Excuse Me,’ the Jay Z song that he made the remix sound completely different than the original,” T-Pain said. “And I don’t think anybody’s done that in a while. And music has been missing so much lately. I feel like we need to bring those techniques back…It’s just those techniques that I miss. That I came up with that remix.”


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