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T-Pain & Ron Browz Talk Jay-Z’s “Death Of Autotune”

Posted By on June 9, 2009

    How do the kings of Autotune feel about Jay-Z declaring the "Death Of Autotune" [listen here]? T-Pain had a reaction you might not have expected, he was honored. "That affected me in a great way man," Pain said in an interview about the song. "And I made sure I honored him, it's a great song. That's like the best song I've heard in a couple of years. It's great that somebody that important stepped up and vouched for me. That just makes me ready to come back out and do my thing."

    Ron Browz on the other hand pretty much doesn't give an direct opinion on Jigga's "D.O.A." [listen here] track telling Miss Info "I'm just doing my thing pretty much." Browz went on to work around the question saying "I make fun records that everybody sing-a-long and that's what I'ma continue to do. I'm contributing to hip-hop…Hip-Hop at the end of the day is fun. So I just took autotune to have some fun with it. Snoop [Dogg] did it, he was having fun with it. Pain, [Lil Wayne] and 50 Cent played around with it for a minute, it's just fun…That's like sampling is out, oh no, you can't sample records any more? Sampling is a part of hip-hop…At the end of the day, a hot record is a hot record and a wack record is a wack record, if it's got autotune or not. The streets are gonna tell you."