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T-Pain Using “T-Pain Effect” Not Autotune

Posted By on July 20, 2011

     Recently T-Pain said that he plans to NOT use the vocal software Auto-Tune on his upcoming "RevolveR" album and now the T-Pain has spoke futher on not using the software during an interview with Billboard…Instead, T-Pain says he plans on using a new sound-changing effect, which he calls "The T-Pain Effect."

“You can't stick with one thing forever," T-Pain explained. "After you figure out how stuff works, you've got to start making your own. When everybody talks about (Auto-Tune), they pretty much say T-Pain. So what simpler thing to do? It's supply and demand. You want the T-Pain sound? I'm gonna give you the T-Pain effect." (Billboard)

     T-Pain's "T-Pain Effect" was announced back in June as a collab between himself and audio technology company called iZotope.

"There's so much different stuff on it,” said T-Pain in regards to the album. “I almost confused myself on what I wanted to do because I've gotten such a completely different audience from…the Taylor Swift stuff and the Bud Light commercial and Toshiba…I've just gotten so many other people and so many different audiences. I had to make different kinds of music for everybody but still keep it classic T-Pain at the same time. That got kind of confusing and hard, but it all worked out." (Billboard)


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