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T-Pain Blasted For Remaking Michael Jackson

Posted By on November 3, 2010

     T-Pain recently fought back after fans bashed him for remaking the late King of Pop Michael Jackson's "Pretty Young Thing" track. Wrirting to his fans on his twitter account, T-Pain says that he got permission to do the song and was asked by Quincy Jones.

      "For all the ppl that hate mr for ruining pyt just stop listening to my sh*t. But if Quincy jones tell you he want you to do something, no matter how much shot you know ur gonna get from the dumb a**es in the world, you god d*mn do it. The f*cked up thing is everybody being so kind to mj after he's gone, but how can you wish a man to rest in peace when you never gave him peace in a life time? I had the pleasure of meeting MJ and when I left his house I got a call from his lawyer telling mr that MJ wanted me to remake that song." (T-Pain's Twitter)

T-Pain ft Robin Thicke – Pretty Young Thing


Michael Jackson – Pretty Young Thing