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Has Lil Wayne Signed T-Pain To Young Money?

Posted By on December 31, 2010

      Lil Wayne and T-Pain have already talked about making a collaboration album but it looks like it might be taken to the next level as a local jeweler says that he just made T-Pain a "Young Money" chain.

"This is the new Nappy Boy/Young Money piece," Young Money jeweler Gabrielle revealed in a video with DJ Vlad. "This is the first exclusive right here. T-Pain is about to sign to Young Money. He better, after doing this. So you see it's all blacked out. It's all natural, red rubies, black diamonds. We gotta put a red ruby necklace on this thing — We started this whole thing. It doesn't mean you have to get black diamonds — [Here's] the Nappy Boy logo right there…On the back, I'm going to do Pain's progress to Young Money. It's like a portrait that I can laser inscribe to the jewelry. It's gonna be sick." (Vlad TV)

T-Pain – Jeweler Makes T-Pain A Young Money Chain