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Talib Kweli Talks About His Single With Kendrick Lamar, Unreleased Track Recorded With J Dilla and Mike Posner

Posted By on February 15, 2013

In slightly less than two months from today, Brooklyn Hip Hop Veteran, Talib Kweli, will be releasing his highly anticipated sixth solo album Prisoner of Consciousness”. As the prelude to the release, Kweli talks about working with Kendrick Lamar on the album’s lead single, “Push Thru”.

During a recent interview with Fuse, Talib discussed his linking up with Lamar to work on the “Push Thru” track. He said that K. Dot’s verse for the single was actually recording a number of years earlier following an interview with Talib’s wife, DJ Eque, that took place at the couples home in Los Angeles, CA.

“I have a house in L.A., and I pay attention to the music [on the West coast],” he explained. “I’ve been listening to Kendrick Lamar for a long time. Kendrick came over to my house actually a long time ago; he had a record with U-N-I, and he came over to the crib to do a radio show with my wife [DJ Eque]. I heard him rhyme back then, and I was like, ‘Yo, he’s incredible.’ I kept in touch with him and his whole crew, the whole Black Hippy crew. So that record [‘Push Thru’] that I have with Kendrick is an old record, I just put it out recently.”

Talib also mentioned a collaboration recording he did with the J Dilla.

“There was a Dilla track that was worked on for Prisoner of Consciousness, ‘Color of You.’ I finished it, and Mike Posner’s on it, but it’s not gonna be on the album,” he revealed. “It’s gonna be on whatever the next project I do…I was thinking about putting it out today, actually, but I’ve got so much going on with trying to promote the records I’ve got out, I didn’t want it to get lost in the mix.”