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Daz Dillinger Turns Down Death Row Records

Posted By on August 17, 2009

    Former Death Row Records artist Daz Dillinger recently talked about his problems with Suge Knight's ex-label, an unacceptable business offer and even why the new Death Row is cursed. [Daz Dillinger Talks Turning Down Death Row – Watch Here] Daz, who recently turned down a deal from the newly formed Death Row Records, explained how he was still profiting through them without having signed anything.

    "What's up y'all, it's D-a-to the motherf*cking-z," Daz said in a video. "Checking out the promotion for this new Death Row sh*t. You know, we met with it but we didn't come to an agreement. They tried to play us with short change. But it's good to see y'all put the music out 'cause y'all ain't doing nothing but promoting us. The more you drop, the more we do on-stage. The more we live off of that sh*t. Take y'all ideas and flip the script on y'all motherf*ckers…I see all the music, she tried to make the deal with us, something scandalous, but then the family — y'all motherf*ckers inherited a straight curse. I want y'all to hurry up and get y'all business together so we can get our royalties — I wanna see y'all put out a Dogg Pound album. Not the old sh*t, all the sh*t that y'all got is old. We heard that sh*t already, it's new to y'all 'cause they just dropped it on your front yard. So you know, holla at us when you get stuck between a hard rock and some sh*t. [knock, knock] Don't call us." [Daz Dillinger Talks Turning Down Death Row – Watch Here]

Daz Dillinger – Talks Refusing Death Row Offer