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More Details Come In Suge Knight Fight, Video Of Aftermath Available – Watch Here

Posted By on May 12, 2008

    More details about Suge Knights recently altercation are starting to come out. 5-6 men apparently assaulted an unknown man in front of a club over a monetary dispute. An eye witness said that the men, including Suge, beat and kicked the man and Suge became really mad when he noticed another man was filming the beat down with his cell phone. Suge put the man who was filming the event into a headlock.

    The man later broke free from Suge's grip, came back to the club and pulled out a pole-like object that was used to hit Suge on the back of the head. “Blood started gushing everywhere,” an eyewitness said. He sat on the sidewalk unconscious for several minutes. It's hard to see from the photos online, but there was a nasty gash on the back of his head."

    A rep from wearyourcity.com captured the aftermath from the fight with a cell phone camera. Click Here to check out the footage!

Aftermath Of Suge Knight Fight