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Dice Raw Weighs in On The Roots’ “undun” Grammy Nomination and Making the Album

Posted By on February 11, 2013

If you are a true Fan and student of Hip Hop, then no one has to explain the impact that the roots have made on the culture of Hip Hop, well beyond the music, they represent Hip Hop in its purest form. When the industry evolved into recording over pre-recorded tracks, the artistry of this group was able to reveal the authenticity found in a live instrument band. Dice recently sat down to talk about the Grammy Nomination of “undun”, the making of the album, and his pal, ?uestlove. During a guest appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Dice opened up about the album and his buddy ?uest.

“It really was coming from the standpoint of trying to do something that was going to be emotional and weighty. Something that I felt that was needed for the time and what was going on. The whole album was about a make believe character but he’s basically every black man that’s living in America right now, who is living in the struggle of trying to hustle and grind and trying to make something of themselves in the world where there’s only a few options, and his options are criminal.”

He goes on to talk about instrumentation vs. producing tracks and the foundation of the instrumentation being the percussion, and then he said that ?uestlove is the best drummer in the world.

“I think they’re biting and copying. If it makes them feel any better about their live performances, that’s fine. I don’t think that for some artists it really makes a difference, you know what I mean. It’s all about the drummer and The Roots’ drummer [?uestlove] is the best drummer in the world. So when I go see other artists perform with a live band, they’ve always got some church guy back there who’s hitting the cymbals too much. All you hear is cymbals. That’s gospel.”