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Timbaland Speaks On George Zimmerman

Posted By on July 15, 2013

With the verdict in, many of hip hop’s elite have weighed their opinion on the “non guilty” outcome of George Zimmerman. Super producer Timbaland recently sat down with Revolt TV  to bring his perspective in on the case.

“Look at me when I say this and don’t take it the wrong way but ask anybody to talk to God about this,” Tim says in a video. “Like, God bring all these natural disasters and you know some people make it through, some people don’t, you never know why that boy was walking and why did that happen. You gotta ask God why did that happen. If God come down to Earth, I think everyone would say, ‘God, you knew that was wrong, why would you let that happen?’ … I just pray for that family, man, cause I don’t know. Even though he did it, he’s screwed. He’s mentally ill. He’ll never be right, ever, in his life. You know how many times he probably wakes up like, ‘I messed up. I really messed up.’ He probably cries. It won’t probably be too long until he takes his own life. You’ll probably read about it. You don’t know what happened, man. Nobody knows what happened but God, the Devil, and them two people. Trayvon and that guy.” (REVOLT TV)


Check out the full video of the interview below: