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Timbaland Apologizes For Calling Out Drake And Chris Brown For Aaliyah Tributes

Posted By on December 9, 2013

Super producer Timbaland recently spoke on the comments he made about Drake and Chris Brown for honoring late singer Aaliyah with remixes.

Timbaland recognized putting both artists down in interviews for trying to keep the singers legacy alive by using her on their tracks.

New Tim is more thoughtful about what he says, or at least quicker to apologize for saying it, like when he said earlier this year that Chris Brown and Drake’s remixes of deceased songstress Aaliyah’s vocals would never work, because only Timbaland, as her soul mate, could do them. “When I look back, I say, Man, I would feel some kind of way, too,” he says. “I was like, ‘You right, I’m wrong.’?” (New York)

A while back, Tim said neither Brown or Drake could pull off a track with Aaliyah on vocals.

“In music, people always say, ‘I’ma do a song with Aaliyah.’ It will never work. Chris Brown got a record; it won’t work. Drake could do a record with Aaliyah; it ain’t going to work. Aaliyah music only work with its soulmate, which is me. That’s why when Drake did ‘Started From The Bottom,’ it was a totally different sound and Drake told me, ‘I had to really battle with myself. I want to be the first person to change.’ So when he said that, it’s like, you’re going to be around for a long time. I talked to big brother Jay[-Z] and said, ‘Yo, we gotta embrace this young soldier. You got to embrace this guy. You got to put our arm around him and really like, try to add to the bloodline.'” (Revolt TV)