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New Music Every Timbaland Thursday (Video)

Posted By on December 20, 2010

     Hit producer Timbaland recently announced that he plans to release new music every Thursday for what he calls Timbaland Thursdays.

"Timbo the King, announces, 'Timbaland Thursday,' starting in January," Tim announced in a video. "I was gonna start in December, but I'm going to kick it off in January. Just do something fresh for the new year, I think I'll be a new man for the new year. So let me do something. I think my music is for the new year, something fresh. I'm always different. Something for the new year. I'm bringing you music every Thursday until I decide to stop. And I probably won't stop. Like Puff say, 'Don't stop, take that, take that. Take that record.'" (Perception Media Group)

Timbaland – Special Announcement