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Tony Yayo Bashes Game’s New Mixtape

Posted By on January 31, 2011

     G-Unit member Tony Yayo recently shared his reaction to ex-G-Unit member Game's new "Purp & Patron" mixtape, calling the project trash.

"N*ggas mixtapes is trash rightnow 28 songs of bullsh*t a waste of pharell beats homie lol," Yayo tweeted Monday (January 31). "I smell blood keep sleeping on the underdog Ice bookings sucks dog … Some of you twitter gangstas are funny lol." (Tony Yayo's Twitter)

    Previously, Ex-G-Unit member Game is apparently not down trying to fix the issues that he and fellow rapper 50 Cent have
with eachother. With lyrics like "What up 50, lets talk it out" ("Dead"
from the "Purp & Patron" mixtape), it seems that Game is waiting for 50 to respond.

Turns out, the West Coast MC is prepared to make peace with just about
everyone–including his nemesis. "Man, I'll have a sit-down with
anybody. I'm not opposed to anything," Game told Rap-Up.com. "That was
just a lyric in a song that breeded maybe hope for some fans out there.
Not necessarily saying that'll ever happen, but I'm always open to
chopping it up and letting bygones be bygones to any situation in life
pretty much–unless it persists to piss me off or rub me uneasy. But
other than that, I'm game." (Rap-Up)


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