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Tony Yayo Goes Planking In New York (Video)

Posted By on July 26, 2011

     50 Cent's right-hand man, and long-time G-Unit member, Tony Yayo recently took the new fad of Planking to the next level by going all over New York City. Check out the "Talk Of New York" planking all over the city.

"Yeah, it's the Talk of New York, Tony Yayo, we here live in Manhattan and I know y'all heard about the new phenomenon," Yayo said in a video. "We plankin' in the city. Talk of New York, you know what we doing. We plankin' in New York City — I'm plankin' in New York City…Let me plank on your [taxi] cab. It's kind of hot — plankin' on the cab. You're trying to kill me! You're the man. It's real hot on there too but that's why I'm doing this for y'all, the people. That's a plank…You know what's crazy about planking? I didn't know anything about it and then I went online and I just seen everybody plankin' in the weirdest places, man." (XXL Mag)

Tony Yayo – Planking In New York