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Tony Yayo Talks G-Unit’s Heavy Security

Posted By on August 3, 2010

     Long-Time G-Unit member Tony Yayo recently talked about the heavy security that his crew takes on tours in Africa and why an army tank for navigation is not out of the norm. Talking about their 2008 tour, Yayo said performing oversees is unlike American shows.

      "Ain't nothing realer than Africa man," Yayo said recalling the time he helped get 50 Cent's chain back after a fan snatched it during a 2008 performance. "If you ain't been to Africa, go, you'll realize it's the experience of your life…We had bulletproof trucks, bulletproof vans, we had a tank with AK-47's. You can ask [Lloyd] Banks. We had 14 soldiers with AK-47's. They said if we didn't leave with the tank, we weren't gonna make it out — 50's crazy. Banks is crazy too. They kidnap you and they'll kidnap you in Angola too. In Brazil, they'll block the road off. They make they own laws."

Tony Yayo – Talks G-Units Heavy Artillery Escorts On Tour