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Too Short Released & Video Released

Posted By on March 26, 2013

Rapper, Too Short, has been released from jail and surprisingly admits that he cannot believe that the DUI charges against him did not stick. He has however been charged with drug possession in the incident.

It was reported a couple of days ago that Too Short was arrested in Los Angeles, CA. He was originially charged with Driving Under the Influence and Drug Possession. Short was originally stopped for a traffic violation and then given a Breathalyzer which he blew .09, which is over the legal limit. During the ordeal, drugs were allegedly discovered.

It was also reported that short attempted to escape from the police when they were removing him from the car. A police officer was quoted as saying, “Too Short took off … and tripped as he ran down the street.”

Short has been released and has admitted that he was attempted to avoid the DUI charge and was surprised that it did not stick.

When asked about what charges he faced, the rapper revealed that he had be charged with drug possession.

“Possession of a controlled substance; I thought it was a D.U.I.,” proclaimed Short, when asked about the charge. When question about the claim that he tried to dispose of drugs once he was in the police cruiser, short responded, “I was tryin’ to avoid a D.U.I.”

Below you will find video footage of the rapper fleeing police and his release.