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Travis Barker Heals Wounds With Music

Posted By on February 15, 2011

     After losing his friends in the infamous plane crash, that he and DJ AM were both in, then later losing DJ AM the next year, Travis Barker has had many things to work through while working on his solo album. Now, with a release date of March 15th, Barker spoke about working through the tough times using music as a healer.

"It's a big accomplishment for me," he told MTV News. "It's something that's been in the making for a couple years now, and there's been lots of bumps in the road along the way." (mtv)

     With contributions from everyone, from Slash and the Transplants to Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, Travis Barker's "Give the Drummer Some" album is sure to be a hit, besides a way to work through his issues.

"I had to transfer those [tragedies] into strengths and just push through," Barker said. "Once I started coming in here, little by little, making my way into the studio, and I could actually make music again, and I was able to think, be in the studio environment, be productive, that was a big accomplishment, and, you know, from getting out of the hospital and learning how to walk and survive without being on 20 medications and stuff … I never envisioned it being OK again. So it was a big thing for me, and knocking this album out was the number-one priority on my list."

"Everyone on the album is someone I was blessed to come in contact at one point or another in my life," he said. "That's a pretty good way to describe how I feel about it too." (mtv)

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