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Turk gets 12

Posted By on April 28, 2006

A judge in Memphis has sentenced former Hot Boy rapper Tab “Turk” Virgil to 12 years in prison for the shooting of a sheriff’s deputy. The 25-year-old Turk pleaded guilty yesterday (April 26) to attempted second-degree murder, reduced from attempted first-degree murder. The sentencing stems from a January 2004 raid on an apartment in Memphis. SWAT Team members entered the apartment seeking drugs and weapons and were allegedly greeted with gunfire. Turk was accused of firing shots from a bedroom closet during the raid that struck a SWAT team deputy four times. Last year, Turk was convicted in federal court for being a felon, drug addict and fugitive in possession of a firearm and was sentenced to ten years. The rapper will serve his state and federal sentences consecutively.

Source: All Hip Hop