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Turks charges lowered!!!

Posted By on April 1, 2004

Rapper Tab “Turk” Virgil, former member of Cash Money’s Hot Boys, had murder charges against him reduced at a preliminary hearing.

Virgil is being held on charges of attempted murder, after two officers were shot while raiding an apartment complex in Memphis, Tennessee.

The charges against him have now been lowered from First Degree Attempted Murder to Second Degree.

Sgt. Perry McEwan testified that several officers, wearing black masks, broke into the Memphis apartment where the rapper was staying.

McEwan claimed officers announced themselves just before entering, but did not identify themselves, and they did not produce a warrant.

Virgil, who sat shackled in court under heavy security, was originally charged with two counts of First Degree Attempted Murder.

The second charge that had originally been filed against the rapper was dropped when early ballistics tests showed that a second officer was shot by another police officer that was present at the scene.

The prosecution gave no testimony pertaining to drugs, although police to Memphis media they were on a drug raid.

Virgil’s girlfriend testified “We thought we were being robbed. I got under the bed. I was in fear for my life.”

Virgil’s bond has been reduced from $750,000 to $150,000.

The case is scheduled to go before a grand jury. State law prohibits defense attorneys to be present or offer evidence, only the prosecution can testify.

Prosecutors said they feared Virgil was a flight risk because of his alleged addiction to heroin.

No drugs were found in the apartment.

Virgil is preparing to release Penitentiary Chances on April 27 on Koch Records.

Source: All Hip Hop