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Tyler, The Creator Shares His Views on Racism & the N-Word

Posted By on March 1, 2013

Tyler, The Creator has revealed that he does not mind when white people use the N-Word. According to Tyler, caring about something such as that only perpetuates racism.

During an interview with Hot 97, Tyler, The Creator addresses the issue of racism and the use of the N-Word. When asked about the N-Word, Tyler was expressive in his belief that it does not bother him when white people use the N-Word.

“We don’t actually give a fuck about that shit,” he expressed when questioned about White people using “nigga.” “Mothafuckers who care are the reason racism is still alive.”

When Tyler was confronted about the historical significance of the word and all of its derivatives, his response was basically that it has nothing to do with this generation.

“That’s sick. That’s cool,” he said about those who fought for racial equality and against the derogatory term in the past. “I guess people my age, we’re not even thinking like that. When you think like that, you keep the racism alive when that’s not even on our palette.”

When asked what he stood for, his reply was:

“Being rich and trying to have as much fun as I can,”