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Tyler, The Creator Gives Away Boxes Of Clothes (Video)

Posted By on June 19, 2013

Odd Future General Tyler, The Creator is trying to spread some joy in L.A’s infamous “Skid row”.

The rapper recently loaded up boxes full of his own clothing line and took them down to where most of L.A.’s homeless population currently stays. During the video, Tyler explains why he decided to donate so much clothing.

I’ll give [these clothes] to some homeless, and watch ’em fight over it,” Tyler tells the camera as he packed bags of new t-shirts and other gear. “That’s fucked up; I’m a piece of shit,” he corrected.

I’m about to be a good person for once,” said Tyler, as he rode to the site where he planned to donate the clothes. “It’s a big-ass box of fresh-ass clothes right here if any of you mothafuckas need it!” Tyler shouted from the street, dropping off a first container. “You gotta share,” Tyler said, before providing additional containers.


Check out the full video below: