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Tyrese Discusses “Manology”, Working With Rev Run

Posted By on February 18, 2013

There is no questioning the impact that Tyrese Gibson has had on the music industry nor his growth as an actor. With ballads like “Sweet Lady” and “Lately”, he has established himself as one of the smoothest true vocalist of his generation.

What one may not expect to see is Mr. Gibson authoring a book on manhood. Yet, Tyrese has teamed up with Rev. Run to produce their book “Manology”, a book that was written to provide a foundation on which women could gain an understanding of the inner-workings of a man’s psyche and overall though processes.

During an iTunes’ “Meet The Author” event that was held at the SOHO Apple Store on February 6th of this year, Gibson, between going off on a man in the front row for having a dog with him that had on shoes, discussed how “Manology” came about.

He said that it began with him disagreeing with a post that Rev. Run had made. Run in turn sent him a message to call him to discuss the topic further; a phone conversation that would last for four hours. The rest is history.

“In a joking way on the phone because we had such a difference in opinion, we said, ‘Man, it would be crazy if one day we wrote a book…,’” said Tyrese. “It became a joke. Years later of us being best friends—he’s the mentor, I’m the mentee—we start sending out these #Manology tweets that were real inspirational because that’s what we do on Twitter. There was so much buzz around these tweets [that] we ended up landing a deal at Touchstone/Simon & Schuster and now we’re in the Apple Store with microphones and pretzels.”