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Usher Announces New “Rev Pop” Movement

Posted By on February 15, 2011

     After a successful 2010, Usher is looking to start his own "movement." During an interview with MTV, the r&b singer spoke about his upcoming project he is calling "Rev Pop." Already teasing the idea in a previous video, Usher gave more details on his project.

"I'll give it to you this way: At a later date, I'll tell you more about Rev Pop, but if I were to give you a flash: I've done it before, I did it with 'Yeah!' " he said, "taking a cultural experience, and also worldwide recognition of a feeling, and putting the soul in the middle of it. Not allowing it to shift heavily to R&B genre, or pop. I did it again with 'OMG,' once again putting the soul in the middle of it, which was an electric-pop experience, with the soul." (MTV)

     Usher continued by speaking about his plans along with telling his fans that they are in for a surprise.

"It's bringing those elements together to tell a story, that was born here," he said, gesturing toward his heart, "And that's what Rev Pop is. There's more, I mean, I could really elaborate, but that's just what I'm going to tell you right now. 'Rev' is what it's called … the movement is called Rev."
"Stay alive," he smiled, "Because you're definitely going to be in for a surprise." (mtv)

Usher – Talks New Rev Pop Project; His "Movement"