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Usher Talks Racy Lyrics On Lil Freak (Video)

Posted By on March 26, 2010

     On "Lil Freak" Usher sings about asking girls to get him girls and when asked if Usher does that in real life, meaning does Usher recrout girls to help get him other females, Usher said "Yeah," he laughed "I mean, I wrote about it," he continued. "It happens in this day and time. Those are the best chicks to be friends with, honestly."

     "Hey, girl, I see you like that," he sings on the track. "You gettin' excited/ You rockin' like a pro with it, girl/ By the way, you got right on that/ Picked the chick you wanted/ And now you in the corner kissin' on a girl/ I'm about to have a have a ménage with these here ladies/ Look at those freaks at the bar looking for a star."

     The video for the song shows Nicki Minaj in a sexy Cruella de Vil hairstyle — half black, half blond. She helps lure a woman into Usher's underground playground. "The video is freaky," Nicki told MTV News recently about the six-minute-plus clip. "And it's a great concept, a great story line. It felt just like one of the sequels to 'Saw.' It was dope."

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