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Usher Talks Divorce & Firing His Mother

Posted By on March 30, 2010

     Before he performs live for the show, Usher sat down for an exclusive interview where he talked about everything from his Divorce, his highly-successful career and of course his new "Raymond vs Rayond" album (due in stores today, March 30th). 

     "I don't have a favorite cut, the entire album is a package," Usher starts off with. When asked what the meaning of the title for his album and what it means, Usher says "I begin to tell the story between the two characters of who I am and what I have to do as a responsibility, my fans will understand the evolution as a person." 

     A big thing Usher talks about is firing his mother, who managed him for most of his career. When asked how he did that, Usher said "I didn't fire her, there was a difference in opinion. We grew apart in our theory and I wanted her to be respectful of the "main" usher, not just the artist." Usher goes on to talk about many, many other things, check out the interview below!

Usher – Talks Divorce, Album, Career, & More



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