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Usher Will Debut Number One Next Week

Posted By on April 1, 2010

     Many albums hit stores this week including Usher's "Raymond vs Raymond," Method Man Reakwon and Ghostface's "Wu-Massacre" plus Erykah Badu's paragraph long album title. Based on one-day estimates, album sales are looking like this. Usher will debut number one with around 330-350,000 copies with Erykah Badu landing in 2nd with around 110-120,000 copies. "The Wu Massacre" should rack up around 40-50 thousand copies.

     In related news, Method Man recently talked about the promotion and marketing for the ne "Wu-Massacre" album. "So far, with the promotion of this album, I ain't have nothing to do with it," Meth explained in an interview. "We've all been busy working — well, Rae's been doing Cuban Linx [Part II], Ghost been promoting Wizard of Poetry, I had done like three f*cking movies last year so yeah, I mean, I'm glad someone in the building is taking it upon themselves to get the ball rolling so it's a good deal right there because in the era we're in right now, you gotta do all that sh*t yourself…"

Method Man – Talks About His New Album's Promotion