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Usher Caught Charging His Phone In Woman’s Vagina

Posted By on December 5, 2014

The Art Basel festival is going on in Miami this week and Usher was caught charging his i-phone in a women’s vagina. Yes, you read that right-vagina. According to reports, Usher paid $20 to charge his phone for 10 minutes. Check out some pictures of the vagina charging a phone below.

“Usher paid $20 in exchange for 10 minutes of juice Wednesday night. A crowd of distinguished art enthusiasts stood by and watched the entire thing. 

The woman wanted to show how humans have become dependent on technology and she felt a super-charged vagina would help make her point.  We totally get it. 

Don’t worry, the vagina was equipped with a second battery pack … in case anyone had a Droid.” (TMZ)