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Jack Harlow Feat. EST Gee “Route 66” Video

Posted By on March 17, 2021

Jack Harlow releases the new music video for “Route 66” with EST Gee.
Jack Harlow is doing everything in his power to establish Kentucky as a hot spot for hip-hop. While the area has never been tapped into as far as a rap-heavy zone, there has been a wave of artists coming out of Louisville and its surroundings, including Bryson Tiller, the aforementioned Harlow, 2KBABY, and the rising star EST Gee, among others. In the new music video for Harlow’s “Route 66”, he links with EST Gee to show off what Kentucky can produce in terms of rap stars.
The track is from his debut album That’s What They All Say, which received a lot of critical acclaim when it released a few months ago. “Route 66” is an ode to Kentucky with the 2020 XXL Freshman explaining how the state’s been changing artistically, telling fans that the Dixie Chicks aren’t the only musical products to have come out from there. EST Gee joins him for a verse, showing up for the video and heading to some of Kentucky’s biggest landmarks with Jack.
This weekend, Jack Harlow confirmed that he will be performing on Saturday Night Live this month. With the release of the “Route 66” video, the 22-year-old is starting off the month with a bang, poised to continue with even more fire with his SNL debut.