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Jahmed Reveals His Favorite Wrestlers & Bigs Up His Hometown On This Week’s Top 5s

Posted By on June 17, 2021

For this week’s Top 5s, Jahmed proves that he has an exquisite taste in wrestlers.
Coming out of Pomona, California, Jahmed has been making a big impact on the industry and many big artists have been taking notice of him. The 24-year-old was able to secure a feature from the likes of Freddie Gibbs on his last EP, Armani, and moving forward, Jahmed promises to make an even bigger splash on the game. This past week, we were lucky enough to get to speak with Jahmed for our latest episode of Top 5s, in which the rapper spoke about his hometown of Pomona, his favorite albums, video games, and even his top 5 wrestlers. At number one, Jahmed decided to go with someone who is certainly an icon.
“Stone Cold Steve Austin, bruh he’s just so fire,” Jahmed said. “He’s got the swag with him. Bald head dude with the leather vest also 3:16, you can’t fuck with Stone Cold. It’s just something about his swag. He don’t give a fuck, with his aggressiveness, he’s just that dude.”
Jahmed also got to speak about Pomona, California, and how there are plenty of great things to do there. From the parks to the restaurants, it’s clear that Jahmed is proud of his city. If you’ve ever thought about visiting Pomona, then this video will certainly prove to be a must-watch.
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