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Posted By on October 8, 2020

He even got the orange tan on point too.
These days, Donald Trump is living in all our minds rent-free.
That’s no problem of our own, though. It’s kind of hard to not think about the man when he is constantly making headlines for either saying something ridiculous or doing something ridiculous.
What better way to come to terms with this highly politicized reality than an equally ridiculous music video starring a Trump impersonator throwing up the set, swimming in cash, and turning up with a roomful of women?
Releasing visuals from My Life 4Hunnid at a breakneck speed, YG reveals the latest video for the song “Jealous.”
It wouldn’t be the first time that someone described the current President of the United States with that adjective. YG has been getting under the Trump fanbase’s skin lately – a supporter was recently arrested for assaulting a man playing “FDT” – and this is sure to annoy them even more.
Still, if you’re not very heavily invested in the man, check out the brand new video for “Jealous” above. It’s worth a laugh and it might just be one of YG’s best too.
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