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Juice WRLD “Conversations” Video

Posted By on March 17, 2021

Juice WRLD freestyles on his tour bus in the posthumously-released music video for “Conversations”.
Juice WRLD’s estate has officially released the music video for “Conversations”, which includes footage of the late Chicago rapper freestyling in his tour bus.
The video, directed by Steve Cannon, includes some unseen footage of the rapper in the studio and his tour bus, juxtaposed with scenes of dirt bikers pulling off impressive stunts. After the song plays out, Juice WRLD appears on his bus with a couple of friends hyping him up as he freestyles. He starts by catching his flow and repeating the same line a few times before he gets to feeling himself, going off with lyrics about his fashion and more. “Pull up and I shoot your b*tch right in her breast, I don’t got respect, n***a, I disrespect,” he rhymes, which seems to really get him going on a tangent.
The freestyle previously hadn’t been released.
“Conversations” was recently certified platinum at the beginning of this month, so it makes sense that Lil Bibby and everybody else on Juice’s team would want to release something special.
What do you think of the video?