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Kanye West “24” Video

Posted By on September 16, 2021

Kanye West’s gospel-inspired track “24” has a new visual.
Kanye West’s DONDA has been a massive success from both a commercial and musical standpoint. Fans are confident that Kanye is back in his groove and it has led to some big sales numbers. As far as visuals are concerned, fans have the recent listening parties etched in their minds, especially the event in Chicago where Kanye performed in front of a replica of his childhood home. Perhaps one of the most moving parts of the event was when he played the track “24” which features his Sunday Service Choir.
The song came with a special video that depicts Kanye floating through the clouds and it was one of the more memorable sights throughout the listening party era in the DONDA rollout. Now, Kanye has officially released this video as a full-on music video, and it can be seen above. The key visuals are all still here as Kanye floats while the phrases “we’re gonna be okay” and “god’s not finished” ring throughout. The heavenly vibe matches the music to perfection and it is yet another example of the godly themes that are now found in Ye’s music.
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