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Morray Breaks Down The Dad Way Of Grilling In Hilarious New “Snack Review”

Posted By on August 2, 2021

Morray is back with another episode of “Snack Review,” breaking down grilling secrets from the dad manual, his ideal chip flavor, and his most expensive meal.
Not long ago, Morray linked up with HNHH for an appearance on our ongoing series Snack Review, one of the funniest episodes we’ve ever done. Now, the Street Sermons melodist is back for another installment, and he wastes little time in getting right back to where he left off.
“I never went trick or treating bro,” he admits, in the opening moments. “I just stole people’s candy.” He proceeds to let out a hearty guffaw, before showing a bit of remorse. “I was a child, I didn’t know any better. If I had to pick one candy my whole life to eat, it would be Reese’s. How the fuck can you fuck up a Reese’s…Also Butterfinger. Butterfinger’s crazy. People don’t give Butterfinger respect. Respect the nougat, man. Respect it!”
Image via HNHH
When it comes to eating out or cooking at home, Morray knows exactly where he stands. “I like to grill,” he says. “When you put charcoal in that muthafucka…I’m a dad, so I take pride in getting the grill. I like to make my shit look pretty. Get a little [sauce] on that bitch. I take a lighter and light a match — just to be fancy — and toss that bitch in.” He mimes a flame igniting. “That’s how you put your sausage links, your ribs, your steak, your shish-kebabs, your corn, and fuck it up with my open-toe sandals. Dad shit.”
When asked about the snack he would create were he a mad scientist of sorts, Morray easily picks chips. As for the flavor — “I want them to taste like Wingstop fries. Wingstop fries is fucking crazy bro. A chip bag of that?! Oh my God that’d be fire!”
He also admits to spending a cool $1500 on an extravagant night out at a hibachi restaurant — with his entire entourage of thirty. “N***as was ordering steak and filet mignon,” he recalls. “I get the bill, that shit like fourteen-twenty. I’m like this military time, what’s happening? I was so upset, but they was happy though.” He lets out a signature hearty laugh, and it’s clear that he looks back on the experience with fondness.
For much more from Morray — one of the most hilarious guests we’ve had on Snack Review thus far — be sure to check out both episodes right here at HNHH.
Image via HNHH