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NLE Choppa Remembers When He Couldn’t Afford $1 Snacks At School & Now He Has Them Al

Posted By on June 11, 2020

NLE Choppa shows us he’s living during the COVID-19 pandemic.
NLE Choppa joins us for a brand new edition of HNHH’s Quarantine Essentials, to share with fans exactly how he’s been coping through the COVID-19 pandemic. And by coping, we mean snacking, of course. Snacking has become a favorite activity during the pandemic, since we’re all home, and the kitchen is literally right there.
Thus, Choppa chooses to do an edition of our “Snack Review” series lockdown-style. He shows us his preferred Ice Tea brand (Gold Peak) as well as all his favorite snacks to go along with it: Cheetos, Reese’s, Trolli’s gummies, Lay’s BBQ chips and more are among his preferred. As he shares each item of food, Choppa reflects on certain memories attached to them– for the Trolli’s, it reminded him of being on tour. The bag of Cheetos reminds him of when couldn’t even afford the $1 snacks at his school– so those Cheetos hit different these days. He’s clearly staying humble, despite the massive success of his young career.
In the second half of the video, he answers a few questions, including the grossest food he’s ever ate — he first names broccoli, or really any vegetable, but he also says he eats “everything,” even cow tongue.
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