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Pressa Feat. Coi Leray “Attachments” Video

Posted By on June 17, 2021

Pressa and Coi Leray release the music video for “Attachments.”
Coi Leray is having an insane year so far, finding a lane for herself and making millions off of TikTok. The rising superstar has had a couple of breakout records this year, including “No More Parties” and the song’s remix with Lil Durk, but she continues to hustle on the path to her debut studio album release.
Alongside her, Toronto rapper Pressa has been impressing with his recent releases. He has equally been rising the ranks with his single “Attachments,” which Coi Leray jumped on for the remix. The track is smooth and it showcases their strong hitmaking talent. The official music video has been released, featuring Pressa in a beautiful mansion, which Coi seemingly haunts through her supernatural powers. Causing Pressa to get wrapped up in vines and casting spells to make the chandelier fall to the floor, Coi unites with Pressa for the video’s closing moments, dancing to the single outside the mess.
Watch the new video up above and let us know what you think.