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Tay Money “The Assignment” Video

Posted By on October 9, 2021

Tay Money flexes on everyone in the music video for “The Assignment.”
Tay Money is one of the most prominent female rappers in the game right now, and with each new release, she shows off her talent for creating catchy bangers that are filled with braggadocios sentiments. Just last month, she unleashed her new track “The Assignment” which immediately became huge on platforms like TikTok. The whole song plays off of the “they understood the assignment” trend which first popped off on Twitter. Tay Money was able to capitalize on this, and now, she has a bonafide hit on her hands.
With the music video for this song, Tay Money naturally goes back to a school setting, where one would typically do assignments. In this video, Tay Money dons colorful clothing all while taking on the role of head cheerleader. There are plenty of high school motifs to be found throughout the video, and overall, it is one of her most striking visuals so far.
There is no doubt this track is huge, and the music video will only further its popularity. Let us know what you think, down below.