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Too Late

Posted By on October 22, 2020

The Weeknd continues his incredible run with music videos, dropping “Too Late”.
The Weeknd has established himself as a mastermind of music videos. This year alone, he has taken over as his After Hours visuals have proven to be captivating, original, wildly creative, and even disturbing at times.
We’ve known for years about The Weeknd’s outstanding levels of creativity but, in 2020, he has seriously outdone himself. And he continues to do so.
With the release of the “Blinding Lights” video, everybody was looking forward to what he was planning to follow up with. Then, with “In Your Eyes”, he continued the highly-stylized journey he had embarked on. The videos keep coming and, this week, Abel began teasing the next installment, which turned out to be for “Too Late”.
In the new music video, two women speak about their recent plastic surgery procedures, stopping their car in the middle of the road when they notice a human head in the street. They exit the car to find The Weeknd’s beheaded dome, picking up his head and bringing it back to their mansion.
The video is spooky, climaxing when the women hire a male stripper and murder him, stitching The Weeknd’s head onto his body. They go on to enjoy the afternoon with him.
The video was directed by Cliqua.
Check it out above.