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Wale & Jerry Seinfeld Discuss Wale’s 2013 Complex Rant

Posted By on November 17, 2014

By now you’ve probably seen the latest issue of Complex, which has Wale and Actor Jerry Seinfeld on the cover. Just over a year ago, The MMG rapper had a legendary call with Complex concerning their “50 Best Albums of 2013” list. Aside from the cover (which can be seen below), Wale and Seinfeld filmed a hilarious video depicting what took place minutes before Wale placed the call to Complex.


When it comes to the controversy, Seinfeld is on Wale’s side.

“I read Complex. I know what’s on Complex,” Jerry Seinfeld said during the video. “The list is what determines who matters in this business. No, you’ve already done your best work. It’s behind you. If you met them on the street, you know what they would say? That they have total respect for you. There’s something personal here.”


The video then goes on to show Seinfeld telling Wale that he should , in fact, call up Complex and let them know how he feels about the ordeal. Check out the full video and Complex cover below: