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Webbie Concert Ends With Massive Brawl

Posted By on August 12, 2014

Rapper Webbie has been banned from performing at Club 20/20 in Texasafter a chair throwing brawl broke out during the Louisiana rappers performance.

The details of the violence during Webbie’s performance at Club 20/20 have surfaced online.

“Webbie’s concert in Odessa, TX had to be shut down after the rapper’s fans went nuts and started attacking each other with bar stools … and TMZ has the INSANE video. Odessa police tell us Webbie was well into his set at Club 20/20 when a fight between fans turned into a violent free-for-all … with some people using metal stools as weapons.” (TMZ)

The manager of the Club has decided to ban Webbie and any other Hip-Hop acts from performing at his venue.

“Police eventually broke up the brawl and cleared the room. We’re told at least 5 people were arrested — some for drugs and alcohol. Unclear exactly how many were injured, but you can see people laid out cold in the video. The 20/20 manager tells TMZ … he doesn’t like that kind of “ghetto stuff” at his club … so he’s banning any future rap and hip hop shows at the venue.” (TMZ)

Check out the footage fo the concert below: