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Ghostface Killah Reveals Desire To Rhyme About God On His Nest Album

Posted By on April 24, 2013

Wu-Tang member, Ghostface Killah, speaks out on religion and his faith in a recent interview. He reveals that a lot of his questions concerning God and religion were answered through Islam.

With the newly released “Twelve Reasons to Die” and a new Wu-Tang Clan album slated for release some time this coming summer, Ghostface Killah has quite a bit on his plate.

During an interview with Fact Magazine, the rapper revealed that he hopes to release an album about God, what he calls a positive God album that appeals to people of all ages. The Wu-Tang member revealed that he believes that his duty on earth is to teach people about God.

“Yeah, I wanna rhyme about God, I wanna do a God album, a positive album so the kids and everybody will understand what’s going on,” said Ghostface. “I want to tell what’s going on through my eyes. I don’t wanna give too many of my ideas away because people just be taking them. Feed the poor people, feed the animals, that’s one of the main reasons I’m here. God put me here to teach people and to lead people to his direction. I’m not a Christian, I’m a Muslim but God is one. I just believe in the most high. I know what my duty is.”

He spoke even further on his faith.

“I’ve always been into Islam. I got a lot of questions and I got a lot of my questions answered through Islam,” Ghostface explained. “When I look at history and I look at all the prophets, I love them all from Moses, Noah, Jesus, Abraham, Solomon, David, Job, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Jonah, all of them. I love them all because they all served a purpose. It’s like the stories I heard on all them prophets, I was fascinated by it.”