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Ghostface Calls The-Dream Cocky

Posted By on September 10, 2009

    Although they are labelmates, that didn't stop Ghostface Killah from talking about The-Dream. Prompted by being turned down by the singer to appear on his upcoming "Wizard of Poetry" album, Ghostface Killah says The-Dream is cocky. "No Dream, nah, Dream fronted on me," Ghost says. "Yeah, radio killer f*kin fronted. Yeah, it's Def Jam but you know certain n*ggas get cocky, these little n*ggas. It is what it is though. I ain't gonna complain about it but don't give me your f*ckin' number and tell me you gonna do something — and renege on me. That's these lil' n*ggas. It's different eras. These different eras mean a lot. This is the bullsh*t era." [Ghostface Killah Calls The-Dream Cocky – Watch Here]

    The-Dream wasn't the only singer that Ghostface spoke about. "I had the list in my head but my list ain't work," Ghost said. "These R&B cats is wild yo but some people heard my work and they just jumped on it. Like John Legend, he heard what I was doing and he just wanted to get on it. Same thing with Raheem DeVaughn. I wanted Alicia Keys, I reached out to Avant. Tamia but you know how it is with women. They just stood the kid up. They ain't get back so I had to just go with the fellas." [Ghostface Killah Talks Mainstream Singers – Watch Here]

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