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Raekwon Talks Being 10th Hottest MC

Posted By on September 29, 2009

    Raekwon, the long-time Wu-Tang Clan member, landed at number ten on MTV's Hottest MC's list and now the rapper is reacting to his placement. "I look at it as a blessing, man," Raekwon says. "I’m just saying, [the Roundtable] is giving the veteran more medals. I paid my dues in the game. I think I was taught by the best. I was one of them dudes that take rap crazy serious — how you look, how your sneakers look." [Raekwon Reacts To Being 10th On MTV's Hottest MCs List – Watch Here]

     Rae continued…"So for me, I just feel like people is placing the medals on a n—a that made it home. I made it home. Rap was supposed to be over for n—as a long time ago. They say rap, your career only goes on for five years if you ain’t really just that n—a. If you that n—a, it’s an endless career you could make. I felt like I knew I wasn’t over. I feel like respect is due. If it wasn’t me, if it was the next n—a that had a similar, same kind of track record, that’s still busting his hammer writing and going in still. I pay attention to every n—a. I still feel privileged that n—as still see what the god can do. All praises for that." [Raekwon Reacts To Being 10th On MTV's Hottest MCs List – Watch Here]

Raekwon – Reacts To Being #10 On MTVs Hottest MCs