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Ghostface Not Co-Signing New Wu-Tang CD

Posted By on November 30, 2007

Veteran rhyme slinger Ghostface Killah has once again re-emerged and is ready to drop more jewels with his latest effort, The Big Doe Rehab. In his usually colorful form, Tony Starks chopped it up about how Wu-Tang Clan's comeback disc almost came out the same day as his new album, the Clan's beef with Rza and taking his family to rehab.

After dropping More Fish last December, Ghost went back to the lab and cooked up his 7th solo disc, The Big Doe Rehab, an album that he says took it's own turn and detoured a bit from his original vision.

"It was supposed to be, more or less, it's me again," Ghost said. "I was gonna do the album by myself but as time went on, I started to hear Raekwon on a few of the tracks and ni**as wanted to get on. They wanted to be a part of it. Then I started to go back and see where I could fit everybody in. I started to think, like, where I could put Method Man, where I could put U-God. I already knew where I wanted Rae to be so, it just kinda worked like that."

In addition to his Wu brethren making guest appearances on the set, Ghostdini also linked up with New York staple, DJ Kid Capri, on the disc's lead single, "Celebrate." The single has been gaining momentum leading up to the CD's December 4 release date, the same date that Wu-Tang's album 8 Diagrams was originally slated to hit shelves, before moving to the following Tuesday (December 11). Seeming to be a conflict of interest, Ghost explained that he was not budging on the date, no matter who was dropping.

"I've had that date since like last June and the Clan album was supposed to been came out," Ghost said of the possible showdown. "It was supposed to drop in August, then October and I guess it wasn't making the deadlines or whatever, and it was like, what the f**k are ya'll doing? I kinda felt like I was being sabotaged."

"Rza and Divine didn't want me to drop this year," Ghost added. "They wanted it to be all about the Wu and it seemed like a lot of funny sh*t was going on. They were trying to act like it was going to hurt me [to drop on the same day.] I'm like, c'mon man, I'm comfortable with my project. I don't give a f**k when my album drops. Whenever it drops, it's going to be solid."

The Wally Champ also took time to shed some light on the Clan's seemingly ongoing beef with crew leader RZA.

"Rza ain't listening," Ghost revealed. "He wanted to make [8 Diagrams] how he wanted it and it ain't come out right. He wanna always do the whole thing himself, produce the whole album. We're like, let's bring in some other producers too. Bring in Kanye, bring in Pharell. You ain't gotta do the whole thing yourself. He wanna make his own instruments and s**t and it sounded real horrible."

"So now it's like when fans come up to me like, 'Ghost, why you let them put that out,' it's like nah, we ain't taking the blame for that," Ghost continued. "That's what Rae was saying. We ain't co-signing that. It's like, the game is different. It's not how it was 10 years ago. We're trying to tell him, you can't just put a Wu-Tang album out and just think it's gonna sell just because. We been gone for what, six years? It's hard to win new ni**as. A lot of the fans now was in f**king diapers when we first started doing this. That's why a ni**a like me drop every year. I stay relevant."

Ghostface's The Big Doe Rehab hits shelves on December 4 via Def Jam Recordings.