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Xzibit’s Money Problems: Offers 10gs To Twitter Followers

Posted By on April 24, 2009

    X to the Z, better known as Xzibit, continues to have money problems. The rapper slash actor is reportedly facing his home being forclosed due to not paying his mortgage payments. Although he hasn't talked about it, he reported owes around $21,000 to the bank.

    Beyond his 20k owed to the bank for his house, Xzibit reportedly also owes around $500,000 in back taxes to the federal government. His tax records leaked online showing that beyond tax liens totally more than $350,000, Xzibit was hit with a $205,485 additional lien by the IRS back in February.

    Although X to the Z seems to have many money issues, the rapper is offering fans $10,000 to follow him on his twitter account. Xzibit will reportedly be giving away $10,000 to his twitter followers, including $5,000 going to his 500,000th follower and the other $5,000 going a follower chosen at random.