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Xzibit Gets Physical With Promoter In Australia

Posted By on April 25, 2014

Rapper Xzibit has made headlines this week as new footage of the former “Pimp My Ride” host getting into a physical altercation with a promoter overseas in Australia has gone viral on the internet.

The footage of Xzibit getting physical with a concert promoter in Australia has started showing up all over the internet.

 “X to the Z was backstage at a concert Wednesday night in Adelaide, Australia when he got into it with a concert promoter/rapper named Mastacraft. According to reports … Xzibit’s ride from the airport wasn’t up to his standards — and after he got to his hotel, he was forced to hail a cab to the show when the promoter went M.I.A. The promoter says Xzibit was treated like a king and any claim saying otherwise is BS, but still — the video is crazy!” (TMZ)

The concert promoter has addressed the situation and denies Xzibit’s claims.

 “According to Whyntie, Xzibit was actually picked up in a $50 000 BMW. He also notes that Victor Lopez wasn’t in Adelaide for the show. “At 5pm the show was about to be canned,” Lopex says. “When it came time to come down to the show, his crew tried calling Pat to find out where their ride was. No answer. Pat was on stage performing. So they caught cabs again.” Lopez has also posted a video on Xzibit leading the crowd in a chant of “f*ck you Patrick”. “(Faster Louder)

Check out the footage of the altercation below: